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Hello witches, activists, and activist-witches,

For those that weren't at camp this year, we had an incredible time. An ex-organizer who had been asked to refrain from attending camp came anyway, and we had a direct, cathartic, rich experience of working boundary magic as a collective without trying to humiliate or otherwise "other" the person in question.

There's a highly detailed series of letters about the process available here: for the interested.

But the most relevant point to our camp community going forward is that we had an all-camp meeting in which we collectively recognized the fact that our magic is the people and community who create camp every year, and not the name Free Activist Witch Camp. This recognition came about via a recognition that the conflict with the ex-organizer was in part the result of his attachment to the name of the camp — we subsequently reached a consensus to let go of the name "Free Activist Witch Camp" and to use this moment as an opportunity to re-evaluate and re-vision the camp culture we desire.

The organizing cell is busy working magic and brainstorming to come up with a new name, as well as holding space for whatever new visions want to emerge. We'll keep you posted with developments and of course if you'd like to get involved in the process, there's no time like the present to join a working group!

In faith and mystery —
The Organizing Cell

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