Drug Alcohol Agreement First Year At Fawc

This was agreed upon the first year at FAWC, and is currently undergoing discussion

as promised a while ago, i've dug out the welcoming letter we drafted
for the first fawc. it might be useful, esp. as we'll be returning to a
wilder mode. see attached.
it also deals at some length with the drugs&alcohol issue. claire, so
you're aware, the policy around drugs and alcohol has been a major issue
debated at great length in the past by organizers and by witch camp
council as well. i think how it's stated in the attached doc is a good
summary of current consensus (which could change, of course).

One of the agreements we ask people to keep at this camp is to not use
recreational drugs or alcohol before rituals or classes, or in any way
that compromises our ability to be sensitive to the needs of others. Medical
and prescription drugs (including medical marijuana) are fine, of course.

Why do we do this? After all, most of us are anarchists, we don't like
rules. And most of us like a beer or a joint to relax as much as the
next person. But we do find that this agreement works for us, for a number of

Although we're sure this camp will be hella fun, that's not its main
purpose. It's a program in teaching magic, "the art of changing
consciousness at will." To learn to shift and change our state of
awareness at will takes focus and concentration, and it needs a clear
state of
consciousness as a starting point. And blending our awarenesses and
raising energy together in ritual is really, really hard when some people’s
consciousness are pre-altered by chemicals or alcohol.

In ritual and magic, we like to go deep and take risks. We're confident
of our abilities to get you out of any altered state we get you into—but
not if drugs or alcohol are part of the alteration.

Drugs and alcohol can be ways of dealing with stress, trauma and the
pain of defeat. But part of the purpose of this week is to create a safe
where we can feel and release some of that pain, and learn other tools
for dealing with it.

Many people in our community have struggled with issues around
addiction, and we want to create a safe space for them.

If you've been to a Reclaiming Witch Camp before, please note that our
policy on drugs and alcohol is a bit more relaxed at this one. We are
trying hard to bridge some different political cultures, and to make magic
healing available to those who most need them. We will still assure
that our rituals and public gathering spaces are safe for those who are
struggling with issues of addiction. We will have areas of the camp and
social spaces that are designated clean and sober. We leave time open
for people to do their personal spiritual practicess—and encourage those
who want to schedule 12-step meetings or other support groups to use that

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