Donation Letter 1 (more witchy)


I'm <name>, the food coordinator for an annual Reclaiming activist gathering being held in July. I left a voicemail this morning, but wanted to follow-up with a little detail too.

On behalf of the camp organizers and teachers, I can say we'd be delighted to be able to serve Dave's Killer Bread at our event, and we'd be most grateful for any donation you could make. We are essentially a Reclaiming camp, but blanketed by the affiliated 501c(3) Alliance of Community Trainers (ACT). ACT's tax ID number is 20-1402741.

First, I'll give you a brief introduction to what Reclaiming is, then a description of the gathering that's specific to this donation request.

I personally see Reclaiming as a kind of hybrid between Earth-based spirituality and progressive justice-seeking political activism. The following is from Reclaiming's 'Principles of Unity'; "The values of the Reclaiming tradition stem from our understanding that the earth is alive and all of life is sacred and interconnected. We see the Goddess as immanent in the earth's cycles of birth, growth, death, decay and regeneration. Our practice arises from a deep, spiritual commitment to the earth, to healing and to the linking of magic with political action. Each of us embodies the divine. Our ultimate spiritual authority is within, and we need no other person to interpret the sacred to us. We foster the questioning attitude, and honor intellectual, spiritual and creative freedom. Our tradition honors the wild, and calls for service to the earth and the community. We value peace and practice non-violence. We work for all forms of justice: environmental, social, political, racial, gender and economic. We work to create and sustain communities and cultures that embody our values, that can help to heal the wounds of the earth and her peoples, and that can sustain us and nurture future generations."

The gathering is a week-long intensive camp of 150-200 in Southern Oregon. It is both a spiritual retreat and an activist training/skillshare. My own personal involvement includes training folks how to set up an improvised kitchen - for example, several of our participants went to New Orleans following hurricane Katrina and provided support to relief workers in the form of food, water and basic essential needs - we'll be training folks how to improvise and manage that kind of support center. Other trainings will incorporate non-violent communication skills, permaculture and sustainability practices and much more.

All the organizers for this camp are unpaid volunteers and we're meeting our food needs on a shoestring budget. We'd love to be able to provide something as yummy and nutritious as Dave's bread. And to be perfectly honest, having some bread to serve would be a huge relief to the kitchen crew who's doing virtually all the rest from scratch.

As mentioned, we expect at least 150 people. We're open to any donation you'd be able to make — day olds, frozen, something you're long on, etc. I'll be gathering supplies in Portland the week of July 14th.

Thanks for giving this your attention.


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