I must say though that I'm not entirely comfortable saying, "If you've been to a Reclaiming Witch Camp before, please note that our policy on drugs and alcohol is a bit more relaxed at this one" I think we can be relaxed as people, without relaxing Reclaiming policy for witchcamps http://www.witchcamp.org/index.php?id=25&section=spokescouncil At Witch Camp Council this year, the topic was discussed in length and FAWC camp's special experience in dealing with this issue and in managing new and divergent populations was both commented on and looked to for leadership. Perhaps this is something that the wellness culture cell (copying Seneca) would like to collaborate with registration group to iron out best language to use in communicating our culture to new campers? I really don't think that safety is the best stated reason why we don't have drugs and alcohol (after-all, is anyone ever really safe anywhere?). I think its more about power and magic and the way that using external intoxicants gets in the way that witches access their own deepest magic and power and connected fields of altered states of ecstasy.

I like all of Brush's words from first camp (was that five years ago?) except for the last part for a couple of reasons:
1) it feels to me like it implies that parts of the camp are "clean and sober" and other parts are not… which maybe is true but is that want we want, is that the best we can offer?
2) who are the "addicts?" I don't like the way that last paragraph separates folks into "the people struggling with addiction" and "the people who don't struggle with addiction." I think quite a few of us struggle with addiction — addiction to a consumer capitalist culture! This is reality. I think the whole point of magic, camp, and being a witch is to break free — from the addiction of everything that the dominant culture tells us we must have or consume to enjoy life. Living in this dominant culture we are cut off from our Mother, the earth, Gaia, and this deprivation leads us to feel a lack of the natural ecstasy that is our natural birthright. Being free (free at camp, yes!) and being a witch and being empowered to reach states of magic and ecstasy happens when we open ourselves and allow connection to wilderness, or the Wild or Gaia, or whatever you name it and I would hate for us to not at least go on record as wanting to provide the very best possibilities of allowing for people new to camp to learn how to manifest this flow or unrealized potential to tap into magical natural ecstasy. To learn how to be witches and to create a "high" or altered state of consciousness at will, not to be dependent on external stuff (except if needed medicinally or therapeutically which would need to be determined individually as everyone should know their own medical needs).

But, to be fair about it, last year was my first year at fawc and I realize I don't know fawc people as well as you guys do. I would be most interested in hearing what others think.


brush wrote:

thanks, glimmer. i'm also excited that this is moving along quickly —
it's a good time for it!
about the drugs and alcohol: i'm simply as faithfully as i can
communicating the existing consensus of the camp. it was quite an
extended process, and the section on drugs and alchohol was debated
online quite deeply. it's my understanding that witch camp council
specifically amended their policy to allow FAWC to be part of the
council even though our policy is significantly different.
of course, this doesn't mean it can't change! but to do that, we'd need
to make a specific consensus change. actually, that's an interesting
question … would that have to be an all-organizer consensus? hmmm…
anyway, people feel quite strongly about this (on all sides), just fyi.
especially because there are a lot of activists that will bristle
strongly against the argument that they shouldn't "self-medicate" (or
whatever) on their own time.
and, of course, it would be great to improve and evolve our
container-holding process around this! i'll cc: the well cell folks to
get some input.
surely, the reg. letter this year can use whatever language y'all decide; i'm trying to make sure existing consenses are communicated. :)

dear glimmer,

here's what i just sent to the well cell.

i understand your concerns about being a reclaiming camp! there's a lot
to discuss around this, and maybe we can talk more at the f2f. but for
the short term, i want to reassure you that a lot of work has been donen
to ensure that witch camp council's prerequisites for camp and fawc's
policy are in alignment. if you read them, i think you'll notice that
the wcc policy you quoted is actually in complete agreement with what i sent
out as fawc's old consensus, even using much of the same language.
that's because the wcc policy was actually changed to accommodate fawc
several years ago, after quite a marathon consensus process.

hopefully this helps. i'm happy to answer any other questions, and to
be supportive in any way.

also, i think this is important info and would love to send out to the
list. would that be ok with you?


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