Clark Creek

Clark Creek (41) Willamette NF: Is so amazingly beautiful with pre-existing infrastructure. Ancient trees and a beautiful cave.

Accessibility - 5 - also drivable. 12 miles from Lowell, 25 miles from I-5 just S of Eugene
Shit - 5 - pre-existing bathrooms
Water - 5 - spout and stream that runs thru site
Hearth - 5 - outdoor firering, kitchen building extension pass thru, covered dining structure
Meeting space - 5 could use meadow or temple space
Meadow - 4 - beautiful meadow, only prob it's right along the road
Camping - 4 Big beautiful bunkhouse, not too much camping tenting
Path - 5 - beautiful camp sites
Container 2 - seen from road, other campsites in area so it would probably be a factor for our proposed camp time. also, there's quiet hour from 10p - 6a. this could be in relation to the other campsites in the area.

Questions/Concerns - 80 person limitation - Not very much privacy. Quiet hours?

41 total - scouted by jp, 11/09
Reserved for 2010 during our timeslot.

Additional Information

Clark Creek Organizational Site

My estimate is that is could host up to 80 people. Is amazingly beautiful. It has built in infrastructure of 4 bunkhouses, beautiful path spaces, a large kitchen structure, an outdoor firepit and a magical cave

Of the five sites I explored, this one called me the most. The trees are ancient & covered in moss. There's a couple of trails that lead out into the wilds with signs that say "beware, this forest was burned and there could be falling objects…"

The Question with Clark Creek is the site space. Besides the 4 bunkhouses, there aren't too many places to camp - altho if we cap the gathering at 80, it should work well.

The meadow is close to a road, which didn't look well traveled, altho there are several campgrounds in the area, so it could be busy during the summer. On the drive in - you get to see some really devastated land, and then gather in some really beautiful land.

Parking - Clark Creek Organizational Campground is a very popular family group campground that is an historic structure, which includes a playing field, small outdoor chapel / amphitheater that will seat 50, large group shelter with 5 open sided Adirondack style sleeping shelters with 8 bunks each and 1 covered area with a large fireplace. Campground includes toilets and accessible pathways. It is located 10 miles east of the town of Lowell, OR on FS Rd. 18. This campground does not have individual tent sites. Carpooling is advised for large groups. Popular activities include fishing, swimming, and biking. Water is available at this campground. Reservations must be made at least 7 days prior to your arrival date. Quiet hours are 10 p.m. to 6 a.m. Call Hoodoo at 541-338-7869 for information or visit the website Bring your confirmation letter to the campground. Do not leave home without it.

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