Coorination 2009 11 20

Coordinations w.g. call: Nov 20, 2008

Present: Amara (notes), Jude, brush, Scarecrow (part)

  • We agreed to ask working groups to post minutes to wiki

Facil. w.g. (and theme & story) concerns:

  • Facilitation w.g. has questions re: who they’re empowered to choose and how, need more clarity, seeking notes from camp (Riyana now has them)
  • A note that there is a strong push from organizers to have big activist presence, and invite that to influence facil. selection (eg. have activist facils)
  • A possible proposal from Facil w.g. is for call to community to propose paths. W.g. is working out how.

Coord. W.g. process:

  • We agreed to rotate role of convening coord meetings and making sure general organizing calls happen).
  • Also, making sure notes are posted, that everyone has what they need to feel involved, encouraging w.g.’s to post their notes too.
  • Brush will take over from Amara for next month or two.

W.g. general round-up (with point people):

  • Communications (Amara): been delayed, will get things moving by early Dec
  • Theme & Story (Amara): been meeting, but Amara isn’t clear on where at
  • Finance (Jude): holdup getting 08 budget report out, grant from sisters will be forwarded to ACT. For this year, no contact yet w/ Calliope, but Cameron interested. brush will be convening C & C for 09.
  • Logistics (brush): Seeds of Peace is nailed down, logistics will kick into gear later in year.
  • Reg/welcoming (brush): Brenna and Aiobhell have lots of ideas, challenged in getting w.g. convened. Need help with that and getting folk involved [esp. email-prone folk]. Not putting out site location until folk have registered, so don’t announce! Want to change contact person (generic acct), will work on it.
  • Site selection (Scarecrow): done great!
  • Facilitation (Scarecrow): needing info that’s now available (from camp notebook).

Face to Face/ Visioning:

  • Riyana shared desire to be on land for visioning, this won’t be that.
  • Amara will check in w/ Theme And Story re: role in visioning process for this camp.
  • We see coord. group responsible for finding facilitation for the pieces of organizing for F2F.
  • Delegate responsibilities to w.g’s based on focus?
  • Concern that not all w.g.s will be fully represented.
  • Jude will propose a schedule.
  • Some folk will meet early and work on facilitation (some processes will require different kinds of facilitation, small groups, fishbowls, trances, etc.) brush and Jude will think about it.
  • We need to send an email out to the group, make sure all roles are filled?
  • Location? Ross’s place to sleep, Pavini’s in Petaluma for gathering.

Remember: if we all post notes and read them, then our phone calls can have short check-ins and focus on decisions.

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