Coordination working group 2009

Amara, Brush, Jude, Scarecrow

Minutes from call September 24

present: s,b,j,a



Org cell conference call Monday
Visioning meeting
How can we support/committee check-in

Desire for long term representation, someone from camp. Andy still wanted to be rep when we met at camp.
Jude to call Thursday about relationship to camp /rep.
Jude will continue to persue.
Scarecrow spoke to glimmer, in august. She said she was thinking about organizing, would like to be a rep, lives close to where the meeting would be. Unsure about her intentions about ongoing relationship with wcc.
Jude feels rep should commit longterm. Whoever fills position to be on org. cell.
Someone who can speak about org, what challenges are, what we need help with.
It takes a year to make any decision at wcc, rep is a real commitment. Offer notes from wcc to camp community, involve as many people as possible, rep voices that we have.
b- what is our process? Do we made this decision, or do we bring this process to call?
Decision made at camp was that rep be Scarecrow and Glimmer if willing.
Jude and Seneca as backups. Unsure about Thursday.
Jude will talk to Thursday before Monday.
Scarecrow wants to be rep!
 spoke to andy about decision made at camp that he not be a representative.
 Andy mentioned concern about continuity, is willing to share his experience to transition the new rep.
Could Gilmmer be an apprentice, possibly ‘non-voting’ to support?
Is there allowance for observers of process? Seems like no, not open to anyone who is not serving ina role. Wish to allow for gender balance.
*costs money to attend
We will gather as much information as possible.
Amara will liason with Glimmer.
Could someone check in with witch camp council about their policies?
—looking for someone to take notes, facilitate etc
— maybe glimmer could fill this role, and learn about wcc.

Agenda for Monday
Site proposal/decision
Working group update
Visioning meeting when/where

Be very valuable for us to clear distinction of what our responsibilities are:
Generate an a agenda for monday
Choose facilitators, note taker at start of Mondays call

Amara will send out proposed agenda and announcement for call Monday


Proposal made about face to face meeting at samhain
If we want to go there, one person should confirm availability

reach agreement about site by mon call, possible meet there, if not, meet at wolf creek.

Work a proposal now?
Meet in
• bay area meeting in November
• wolf creek gathering samhain or October/nov/december
• new site?

We will bring forth these options at meeting monday

Working group update
Site selection: active
Finance- not very active, will contact calliope
Facilitation- scarecrow hasn’t had update since initial description sent
Logistics- getting going, jp considering involvement
Communications- formed group w Glimmer, Gabriel,
Theme story- sent out job description, haven’t heard otherwise

Amara sent out call to all campers asking that they choose group to be involved with
Jude will send email to mentors encouraging group formation

Timeline overview- slightly behind our proposed times,
We will all look at timeline by Monday,
And have someone present with timeline at call monday

meet again monday october 20 6pm

Minutes from conference call August 8/08

Present: Amara, Brush, Jude, Scarecrow
Facilitator: Brush
Note taker: Amara


1. Check in
2. Our Role
3. Timeline
4. Mentors— connecting working groups

Begin by casting our circle from the east round to the west.
Jude + Scarecrow haven't been at home much since camp. Brush + Amara finding grounding at their homes.

** Coordination Roles**

+Ensuring tasks are accomplished, and touching base with working groups.

+Manage internal communications among organizers

+Creating the Time line for camp, checking in throughout the year.

+Setting up processes for Organization cell communications
— Communicate/update amongst Working Groups
— Hold list of interested organizers
— Instigating Organizers calls
— Instigating Time line details

+Working Group breakdown— keep in communications with wg. If a need arises, bring to larger group for transparent process, find others to fill in gaps.
(question- what is excess for accessing info/maintaining timeline in wg?)

+Stewards of the FAWC book, Wiki database

+We each liaison to a certain number of wgs.

We agree to:
*Empower ourselves to act as individuals, and communicate clearly with each other.
*Agree to update each other about missed meetings.
*Quarum of 3 for decisions

3. ** Time line**
camp timeline- post to wiki, we will look at it, make comments. discuss, finalize by next coordinatios call.

Our timeline

face to face meeting to solidify theme, etc
could we have this at the 2009 site?

check in with nominated mentors, get job descriptions rolling— end of august
get site selection running ASAP


We will each handle communications with mentors from a couple working groups

Amara- outreach/communications and theme/story
Scarecrow- facilitation selection, site selection
Brush- food/logistics, registration/welcoming
Jude- finance

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