Coordination WG


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  • Ensuring tasks are accomplished, and touching base with working groups.
  • Manage internal communications among organizers
  • Creating the Time line for camp, checking in throughout the year.
  • Setting up processes for Organizing Cell communications
  • Communicate/update amongst Working Groups
    • Hold list of interested organizers
    • Instigating Organizer Cell calls
    • Instigating Time line details
  • Working Group breakdown— keep in communications with wg. If a need arises, bring to larger group for transparent process, find others to fill in gaps.

(question- what is excess for accessing info/maintaining timeline in wg?)

  • Stewards of the FAWC book, Wiki database
  • We each liaison to a certain number of wgs.
  • In 2010, preparing for 2011 camp, this WG will facilitate a process for the transformation of camp from FAWC to its new self.

We agree to:

  • Empower ourselves to act as individuals, and communicate clearly with each other.
  • Agree to update each other about missed meetings.
  • Quorum of 3 for decisions


coordination for 2011

coordination for 2010

coordination 2009

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