Conference Notes 13 October

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Don't know if you (or anybody) want this. Also I am sure I made a number of mistakes (including ommisions) - which will be appreciated if corrected.

Conference call participants (sorry if I missed and/or misspelled anyone):
JP Heartsong
Jude (facilitator)
Felepe (spelling)

Start at 18:00 PST, End at about 20:00 β€”β€” A good time was had by all.

Rough overview:

Site selection: Kinzel Lake - Three (3) hour drive east of Portland (Mt Hood area) is "1st" choice. Campground is "drivable" over rough road. 4500ft elevation. Smaller/intimate.
Twin Lakes (1 1/2? hours SE of Eugene, OR or 1 1/2? hours SW of Bend, OR) is 2nd choice. Beautiful, larger area, 1 1/4 mile hikeable trail to campground.

Consensus is to apply (not pay) for a forest permit to both sites by November 1st. If Kinzel permit is accepted - we go there. Note: There may be a nominal fee for the permit (up to $100?).

Date for Camp: New years EVE!!!!! Just kidding - Actually it's August 1st - 7th (Saturday to Friday). Seeds of Peace should be available then also. There are scheduling conflicts with other distant activities (Witchlets and possibly others).

Face-to-Face / Visioning (FAWC09 Theme) : Bay area face-to-face meeting Dec. 4th - 7th (many folks are in that area - probably most efficient).
Proposed Face-to-face meeting in Oregon at prospective camp site (possible X-country skiing involved - snowshoes?) No date is set for this. Numerous folks felt magic on the actual land may help with visioning.

The idea here is to set a theme and then find the teachers to apply that theme.

A goal is to have a theme by the end of December '09 so teacher search can commence. This may change (be postponed?) depending upon the proposed face-to face in Oregon. The idea here is a vision at the camp site may bring further insight towards a theme.

Work Group Update: Please submit using the power of the world wide web. (Time constraint of the conferennce call)

Next Conference call : November 3rd (Monday), 6:00 PM PST.
(9:00 PM Vermont time, 8:00 PM Minnesota time and Nov 4th 1:00 AM Greenwich Mean Time)

Other items were discussed but my ADD, aixelsyD, and horrible handwriting restricts their additions.

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