Communications Minutes January

-0800, Amara wrote:

present on call:
glimmer, gabriel, amara, brook (just for the first bit about web)
website updates/redesign
next communication
physical communcation-media/flyers etc
intention/who we wish to outreach to/how far out?

we wish to deconstruct and rebuild current website
amara's sister is no longer to update site, and none of us know how. brook has offered to skill share with us, and shared tools to use to update sites.. glimmer and gabriel will seek out tools like rapid weaver/composer
we will callout to all our communities for someone to redesign the site.
once we have the tools, we will update the site as it is until it is redesigned.
goal is to have the website updated by the last week of january

next communication sent out over web by feb 1, with the fires of brigid
have link to the website to reach more info

content: theme + story we need as much info as possible from them.
what is fawc?
what happens at fawc?
contact info
call for donations
community led path callout? — we are unsure if we make the call or if facilitation selection workgroup makes the call. we are willing to add it to this callout, if we have the proper info.

we talked about encouraging folks to share skills, there is a desire to learn more practical skills- magic, survival, wildcrafting, process etc.

We brainstormed a little about what fawc is with and came up with some key words that would speak out to the folks we're wishing to attend fawc, while acknowledging "we're all teachers" , this is a coming together of the worlds, acknowledging those who already show up; gender queer, faeries, etc
some words
decentralized, solidarity, non-hierarchical, magic, non-opressive, safe space, healing, empowerment, feminism, activism, earth, excitement, wildness, re-wilding, restoration, justice, new cultures, inclusive, music, ecstatic, ritual, community, initiation, warriors, elders, intention
trying to come up with a calendar of events to outreach to.

We will ask the Fawc organisers cell input in the following ways:
ideas of places to outreach to
specific things that would be helpful to communicate— fundraising, theme and story, facilitation selection- do we call for path facilitators?
share some key words with the intention to include various communities

we wish to ask for donations, and recognize that it's a subject with lots of weight— money is involved in 'free' camp, for supplies, permits, travel costs for organizers/teachers. but it's complex, because part of fawc is about using other means than money…
discussed if we have autonomy to ask for donations

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