Communication Outreachwg

The Communications and Outreach working group creates outreach materials/advertising for Free Activist Witch Camp — delivering information from the organizing cell throughout the camp planning process to the greater camp community.
Community and Communication share the same roots!

The tasks include:

  • Updating — as information comes from all working groups: theme, paths, teachers, camp culture (what is fawc this year? why do i want to come?) contacts, payment, registration, directions, site info, what to bring etc.
  • Feeding basic camp info to — as information comes (who/what/when/where /why/how much)
  • Sending several email outreach letters to the broad communities (previous campers, reclaiming lists, activist lists, faeries etc…)— as information comes; i.e. one initial email sent out as soon as date and location is set, next with theme— hooking interest, next with teachers and paths, reminding folks to register and donate…
  • Create a flyer that can be distributed at various places and events (like spiral dances, samhain, beltane, faerie gatherings, eat courses, everywhere!). Last year we got the flyer out first at dandelion in april, it would be great to have something out sooner, if there's enough info to put together.
  • For FAWC 2007 we created artwork illustrating the theme which was used as imagery for the website, flyers, and for a t-shirt fundraiser.


  • to have the communications working group in frequent communication with all other working groups as soon as any decisions are made!
  • looking at some other witch camp websites, like vermont and california, they offer a lot of transparency and clarity about their camp culture and organization processes. it would be great to slowly build this on website as our camp becomes more clear about who we are.
  • to have a list of contacts,e-lists,events available to comm.wg. members to easily outreach info.
  • bridging and buzzing between the communities
  • work that magic, we're all improving our communication skills!

Networking as brainstormed at the Face 2 Face 2009

— some things need to be cleared up between the registrations wg and the communications working group around which group sends out what information. it seems like the communications working groups sends out letters until people decide to register, once they do they receive more detailed information from the registration wg.
Communications and Registration wgs will certainly be overlapping and working together.


Comm organizing camp 2011
Comm organizing 2009 camp

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