Chinquapin Group Site

Chinquapin group site (37) Siskiyou NF - Is in the Siskiyou National Forest 7 miles from the Oregon Caves National Monument. It's located behind the Cedar Guard Station, which opens up to a grassy meadow with several picnic tables, a fire-ring, two water faucets, and contained bathroom, and two seat placed nearby. You can smell them.

There's a slightly graded grass meadow covered with lupine next to the green one, and if you follow back thru the forest (with some camping areas) there are two bigger meadows that are also covered in grass and lupine. There are some shaded understory areas for tending and or path. There's also a trail that goes further up the creek area. Across the road, the creek enters into a small river (Illinois?).

It's really close to the road, and also has a road that goes up along the sites from where you can view most of the site.
Accessibility - 4 - Very close to the road. 43 miles from I-5. Some trail navigation may be required depending on how the camp is situated.
Shit - 5 Bathroom and shitters (two exposed)
Water - 5 - one drinking fountain by hearth space - large creek inside site enters small river accross road from site
Hearth - 4- good water, firepit, smell from bathrooms -1
Meeting - 5
Meadow - 4 - Multiple meadows if we didn't want to use the one next to main road. other meadow options, next to the small road that parallels the site
Camping - 4 - Some forest camping, definite meadow camping
Path - 3 several options definitely enough space
Container - 3 - meadow borders larger road, site borders smaller road think - T

37 total - Questions/Comments - Could we bring a firepan into one of the meadows to have a ritual fire?
GPS GoogleEarth Coordinates = 42degree08'25.75"N X 123degree27'25.80"W Elevation 1860

scouted by jp, 10/09

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