Camp 2010

Debrief from Organizing Body and Cell

Format for this document:
a. What went well / we loved it / yay! It worked!
b. What needs improvement / we should do it differently next year (these need process and could be taken on by different work groups)
c. still to do / ACTION ITEMS

General Organizers / Organizing (part of organizing cell debrief):
a. We had an awesome camp!!; awesome modeling of shared power and love
• Catalyst work was / is great and powerful
• Site selection had a strong group of people in group
• We stuck with it when it was tough
• Lots of humility and generosity and love (not a bunch of ego in this group)
• Really like Work Group autonomy
• Good learning about setting boundaries with things “I” love
• “This community has anchored me in my path and purpose.”
b. How can we be more nourished during camp?
• Clarity of roles for facilitators
• Feelings of too much waning energy during year of organizing, perhaps this is lack of cohesion
• Difficult to hear everyone’s voices on the conference calls.
• We don’t have a mechanism or process for teasing out the threads / themes for decisions that are really complex or charged. We need to create an online facilitation process and proposal process for online decision making
• More regional face to face clusters of decision and magic making
• More priority for continuing to develop our relationships – there was too much tension between socializing and the business of making camp happen this year
• More clarity on relationship between working groups
• More clarity on the roles of the groups (specifically Theme and Story) and more clearly defined process within the group
• Tension around making a proposal and then trying to facilitate it through consensus, particularly in small group
• Clarify role of mentor – do they initiate and then cycle off?
• Struggles throughout the groups on people who dropped off organizing without any word.
• Frustration felt when people were not present and wanted to have input they didn’t do the ground work
• Andy sucked a lot of energy away from organizing, particularly in the months immediately preceding camp.
• Sometimes individuals put things out to the list and didn’t get any reply
• There was “NO” energy felt when some were trying to step into leadership
c. Divine a new camp name! Create an awesome camp in 2011!
• Proposal forming: If individuals are not actively contributing to the online discussion or giving a check in about their self or their relationship to organizing, for a period of time (2 months), they are removed from the listserve; non-active folks also removed from editing the wiki.

Theme and Story WG:

a. The arc was powerful
b. More clarity on the role of T&Swg
• There has to be a time for cultivating and visioning and then honing it down. The distilling process this year was very difficult and may be why the GIFT was lost. [soft proposal: Brainstorm time and distilling time as part of overall timeline. Intention that the work be done by Imbolc / Brigid.]

Coordination WG:
a. JP stepped up in a huge way. Thank you!
b. what is guidance? what is control?
c. Establishing a process to facilitate the full transformation of FAWC into our new Camp!

Medical and Wellness:
a. Lots of gifts and supplies; conflict exploration daily!; many people got their needs met
b. More gatekeeping in the future;
• more knowledge of medical needs for next year in registration;
• increase the access of healers for people needing healing;
• integrate conflict exploration into camp more next year;
• centralize wellness more
c. Harvest info from conflicts to inform larger picture and changing culture

Family and Children:
a. children and families came to camp
b. not securing the Pixie Path ahead of time was challenging;
• increasing accessibility of camping, eating;
• some of the rituals were boring for the kids, making it very distracting for the parents/guardians;
• could we have a family working group or point people on the ground at camp?;

a. we survived and the overall camp magic was Fucking Awesome!
b. write the intentions ahead of time for people to see as they are entering for dinner;
• (At Vermont WC, they have a Ritual Anchor Team (a slew of RATs) that are charged with anchoring the all camp rituals. These people are not teachers.)
• more connection between food and ritual
• Arc consensed on before we arrive on the ground
• More ritual in ritual planning – bring on the magic!
• Use rituals as learning / teaching opportunities

Kitchen / Hearth / Sustenance :
a. we all ate and there wasn’t a vomit or diarrhea outbreak; thankful for the kitchen (infra)structure at Wolf Creek
b. Kitchen folk didn’t get as much face time with campers and would like to have a different scene in order to do that;
• more ahead of time prep as a team;
• more connection between food and ritual
• dessert after ritual!!!!
• Renumeration for the hearth team

a. the graces / buskers were great;
b. the busking was inconsistent (didn’t happen every dinner time);
• would like to have a box for donations with or without an attendant ( people seemed to feel self-conscious when they were directly asked for “sticking loot in the treasure box!”)

c. Scout has agreed to cut a slit in the treasure box and get a lock for it.

a. Some campers left their path, and were heard conversing about what they want to see at the camp. This is GREAT! Because it means they care enough to have the conversation and generate ideas; we created niches for people to plug into (fawcer, graces, joyful obligations); compassionate boundaries; together we created and held our integrity around our conflict with Andy; lots of new folks to camp and Reclaiming;
b. more time for celebrating each other, ourselves, this camp, and the culture we are creating;
• FAWCer of the Day needs a point person for the week, so there is consistency for each person each day—re: timing, other point people, meeting facilitation, etc
• Increase focus on sexuality (Bower, more play party space, etc)
• Increase the chronicling of our camp culture / lore
• Push back about the language of “special needs” because its othering. Would like to think more about how we weave accessibility into our camp as a whole.
• Some folks who were new to the magic of Reclaiming went the whole week without some basic definitions. We need to make the vocabulary accessible for new folks – this could be a zine or a one-day elements immersion path.
• Gather the drummers or musicians at beginning of camp to see musical possibilities for ritual or hearth jam sessions
• More detailed active transparency around consensus / facilitation / decision – making – put it in the zine and on the website
c. Create an orientation ZINE!

a. magic at Wolf Creek was lovely and the relationship with the Radical Faeries was splendid and grounded in real solidarity!
b. Tension between the wild and “developed” sites;
• increase accessibility support or realize and plan for a cycle of accessibility (idea to address this: 1. super wild and a big hike in, 2. wild but drive up-able with easy access to roads, 3. on private land with built facilities, ie kitchen, latrine, etc)
• JP doesn’t want to be sole interface with Wolf Creek folk. Would like some kind of transparent communication forum with other folk involved, should we choose to host camp at the Sanctuary again

Registration / Gatekeeping:
a. lots of people registered
b. more support for onsite registration – training teams of volunteers, an organizer stepping up to be a point person for the first few days for this, etc;
• Registration (pre-camp organizing) was tough and toward the end, it was chaos

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