Call For Path Facilitators

Dearest teachers, facilitators, and wise witches,

It is with great joy that we invite you to apply to teach / facilitate path
at Free Activist Witchcamp 2009. We¹ve been working hard to create a
wonderful camp for this coming summer (August 1-7th), and would be happy to
have you with us!

This year, the theme / story we will be using is the Gaia Story, a la` Brian
Swimme and James Lovelock, etc. It is our earth¹s creation story, the story
of the evolution of life on this planet. We are currently inviting members
of our community to propose paths that they would like to teach at FAWC
2009. In addition, we are reaching out to you, the wider community of
Reclaiming Teachers, to consider teaching one of two specific paths we have
planned for the coming year.

The first path is a Reclaiming Core Class, which could be Elements, although
we are open to others, as well. The second path we are inviting teachers to
facilitate is a Priestessing Skills path. This path would make up part of
our Ritual Facilitation Team, in addition to members of the Theme and Story
Workgroup and other community members. (We also would be delighted to
consider your application for a community-created path; please contact us
for details on that).

Free Activist Witchcamp is a fiery community made up of activists in every
sense of the word ­ street protestors and holistic health practitioners,
permaculturists and musicians, radical faeries and mothers with babes in
arms. We represent a smattering of priestesses from many different magical
communities around the world. We come together to make magic and music,
cook up visions and nourish ourselves, and to heal one another and the

Last year we held FAWC at a more cultivated site, but this year will be
returning to the wild lands. Our new site in [Oregon, is about
a couple hours outside] of Portland and is a beautiful, pristine lake surrounded by
pine and oak and wildflowers. We¹ll be camping, which means rustic
conditions and community meals supplied by Seeds of Peace. We love to
celebrate the finer things in life: big, open skies full of stars, swimming
in the lake, solar showers, and sipping coffee or chai as we listen to the
birds singing.

Because the ³Free² in our name refers to both our hearts¹ desires and our
economic model as a camp, we cannot promise our teachers much in terms of
finances. That said, in past years we have always been able to reimburse
teachers¹ travel expenses and our 2009 budget does include a line item for a
small stipend to facilitators that we invite to teach.

If this conjures up any interest, excitement, dreamings, inspiration, or
intentions to facilitate one of the two paths mentioned above (or if you
have a proposal for a different path), we would love to hear from you about
what you¹re interested in doing and why you are interested in contributing
to Freecamp as a teacher/facilitator . It would be helpful to us if you
updated your application, and we also welcome your email
correspondence. We will be picking our team by April 15th, so please do
contact us before March 15th.

Many blessings,
Riyana, Jason Scarecrow, and Jude Elford
FAWC 2009 Facilitation Selection Team

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