Budgets through 2009:

2009 budget provisionally consensed (ie. subject to further adjustment by organizers at camp) on 7/23/2009 org. conf call.

Year 2005 2006 2007 2008 proposed 2008 actual
Permits 85 85 85 0 0
Travel 1000 1000 1500 2000 1592.01
Supplies 500 250 500 500 646.66
Food 1000 1000 1200 2000 2015.21
Add'l Seeds Donation 500 400 500 0 0
Insurance 100 100 100 100 0
Path Facil. stipend 1000 0 0 1000 600
Water filtrat'n 500 0
Seed Money for next year 1000 500 0 1000 375
Witchcamp Council 750 0 0 600 0
Site 1000 1000
Total Expenses 5935 3335 3885 8700 6228.88
Year 2009 proposed 2009 ? 2010 proposed 2010 actual
Permits 100 ? 0 0
Travel 1500 ? 1800 2447.31
Supplies 500 ? 500 165.42
Food 1800 ? 2000 2093.82*
Add'l Seeds Donation 0 ? *+ 400 in-kind
Insurance 100 ? 0 0
Path Facil. stipend 1000 ? 1300 0
Water filtrat'n 0 ? 0 0
Seed Money for next year 500 ? 1000 0
Witchcamp Council 200 ? 200 0
Site 0 ? 1000 1000
Total Expenses 5700 ? 7800 5408.95

Reimbursement process and payment priorities guidelines

FAWC 2010 agreements

In addition to the previously consensed financial and reimbursement guidelines, the following guidelines were added for the 2010 year cycle, in addition to the previously used 2008-9 agreements.

1) wolf creek rental fee(s)
2) all out-of-pocket materials expenses (including food)
3) travel expenses (facilitation team, organizers, kitchen-crew)
4) Honoraria (distributed equally between facilitation team and kitchen anchors)
5) Witch Camp Council
6) Seed Money

  • Hearth is empowered to be autonomous in the purchase of food within budget and to do fund-raising at camp to pay for more food if needed. Consensed - Org. Cell - 06/22/10.
  • Finance WG is proposing an individual travel cap of $350 per person with the following statement. We ask people to be as conscious as possible when arranging their travel (thrift-conscious airfare, ride-sharing, etc.) with the understanding that we are free camp, and exceeding our travel budget cuts into Honoraria. If there is money available (with the travel + 50% of honoraria cap) and a person puts in a specific request for more funds, we will look at it case by case. Consensed - Org. Cell - 06/15/10
  • In 2009, honoraria was added to travel to pay for travel expenses, and then any left over was distributed as honoraria. Proposal that up to 50% of Honoraria can be used for travel, as needed. Also, Facilitators selected by facilitation selection w.g. and Reclaiming Teachers are not distinguished in regards to travel re-imbursement and Honoraria. Consensed - Org. Cell - 06/15/10
  • The addition of Kitchen travel reimbursement with facilitators and organizers. Consensed - Org. Cell - 05/18/10

Previous agreements:

FAWC 2009 agreement

At camp on 8/1/09, a breakout group empowered by the whole organizers cell meeting previous evening (comprising Scarecrow, Glimmer, brush) made the following change to the budget for 2009. (It was anticipated that further discussion at camp and after would refine this for the future.)

Payment priorities are revised as follows:

1) Seeds of Peace
2) All out-of-pocket materials, permit, etc. expenses
3) All travel by facilitators* and organizers
4) Honoraria
5) WCC
6) seed money for next years

  • Community-led path facilitators selected by selection w.g. and Reclaiming Teachers are not distinguished. However, in 2009 some facilitators (ie. Crystalline and other "Teachers") were explicitly assured they would get paid for travel, and they will be prioritized over those who weren't relying on it.
  • * Organizers will assess their "percentage of organizing": 100% expenses eligible for a full organizer on all calls, involved in core role in w.g.s, etc.; 50% eligible for someone who was only partially involved, only made half the calls, etc.
  • ** The budget for honoraria ($1000) was added to travel expenses for a total of $2500, with any left over available for honoraria.

On 7/23/09, we agreed to use 2008 reimbursement process with the following adjustment:

Payment priorities:

1) Seeds of Peace
2) All out-of-pocket materials expenses
3) Facilitators' travel expenses
4) Facilitators' honoraria, organizers' travel expenses, and WitchCamp Council.

Ie. if there is not adequate money to pay out a level, all in the level are prorated equally.

FAWC 2008 agreement

  • FAWC 2008 will be using a budget-based reimbursement process. Please ensure that anticipated expenses for your group/project are included in the budget approved by the organizing cell (as amended by the whole group).
  • Written requests for reimbursement should be submitted to the Finance Workgroup of FAWC and accompanied by receipts, bills, proof of purchase, and/or invoices. They should include: who made the purchase, when, for what purpose, and under which budget line-item.
  • Budgeted expenses will be reimbursed on a first-come, first-served basis. Once the budgeted amount has been reached, no excess expenses will be reimbursed until all budgeted expenses have been reimbursed, which may mean at least a very significant delay. It is your working group's responsibility to track and prioritize reimbursement requests.
  • At least 2 members of the finance workgroup will certify a reimbursement before forwarding the request to our liaison with ACT (Juniper) along with appropriate documentation and contact information for the recipient. ACT will write a check and send it directly to them.
  • Expenses related to start up costs for fundraising activities or events should be immediately reimbursed from those funds raised, but recorded in full and submitted to the finance w.g.
  • If we do not meet our fundraising goals, and therefore cannot reimburse all budgeted expenses, reimbursments will be prioritized as follows:

1) wolf creek rental fee(s)
2) all out-of-pocket materials expenses (including food)
3) teachers' travel expenses
4) teachers' honoraria & organizers' travel expenses

If not all of a category can be reimbursed, then all expenses within that category will be prorated at the same percentage. This determination will be made by the finance w.g. at the end of camp. Unless absolutely necessary, reimbursements will be delayed until then.

  • FYI, the following are the agreements we are operating under with ACT:

Distributing the Funds

All project funds are dispersed based on either a check requisition
form or an invoice. If you are requesting payment to an entity with
whom we do not have a long-standing relationship (that would be anyone
other than yourself), a check requisition form is required. It makes sure
that we have all of the information we need for our accounting.

TAX NOTE: Come January, we will send out 1099s based on payments we made
during the year. IF you send us receipts for legitimate, identified
expenditures associated with your project, that amount is not included on
your 1099. IF you ask us to write a check to someone else, they get the
1099 and bear the tax responsibility. IF we write the check to you and we
don't get receipts, you'll get the 1099 and will be responsible to the IRS
for that amount as income.

Thank You Notes

The project lead, or their designate, is expected to write a thank-you
note to people who contribute to their project expressing appreciation.
The requester is the person that has the relationship.

Annual Acknowledgements to Donors

Alliance of Community Trainers will acknowledge donations as required
by IRS once a year, in January, for the entire year. We will mail a single
acknowledgment letter to each person that donated an amount equal to or
more than the IRS cutoff. They are going out this year later than January,
but a letter will be sent to everyone who donated more than IRS's
designated amount in 2007.

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