Organizers call April 28th

On the call:
JP Heartsong

Logistics Report:
Pavini working on shitters, has design plans, Larkin and Rain have volunteered to help construct at camp. Talked with Forest Service, waste must be carried out, we cannot dig trenches. Ideas for what to do with the waste? We'd like to donate it to be composted somewhere.

JP Heartsong: Thinking about reinvigorating the old water filter system, since our site is now Twin Lakes, and supposedly the filter system worked okay there.

We want a Well Space that is personned!

Well Cell Report: Rebecca, Rain and Seneca have had two well cell meetings. Notes and proposals were sent to list.
Elemental Mandala to form a holistic wellness model for organizers of camp, possible moving this model out into the entire camp, Seneca is working on an invitation to invite folks from organizers into the now established well cell.

Two Proposals:
1. basic agreements around communication within organizer cell
2. Codex of consensed upon decisions

There were no concerns and a provisional consensus was reached on both of these proposals. As a courtesy, there will be a grace period of two weeks for any concerns to be voiced, but during this interim period we heartily encourage people to submit ideas for these communication agreements, so at the next meeting they can be consensed upon.

Communications Report:
Website is Back! Hurray! Thanks Song!
Final reminder sent out that applications are due for community-led paths.
There has been no mail in registration.
Not a lot of emails are coming in.
600 names on email lists… sending out invitation emails is a pain
T-Shirts: Amara and Glimmer are looking for fair-trade or American made shirts, and doing the actual printing on the shirt at the registration station at camp. Looking for a source for shirts, if anyone has ideas. Gabriel and Amara are working on shirt design.

Thoughts about no drugs and alcohol at camp: discussed wanting to be congruent with Reclaiming witch camp definitions. What are our thoughts? Do we want to state our policy on on our webpage? We can be explicit, or imply it by the fact that we're a Reclaiming camp. Glimmer does not want to be the one to take this issue to witchcamp council if we decide that we do not want to implicitly state this. Suggested to be discussed at F2F meeting.

Agreement is reached that the weekend of May 29-31 works for the F2F at Umqua Hot Springs… is there enough commitment and attendance to hold this meeting?

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