Andy's Spell

Letter from Andy, delivered to the Gatekeepers on our 3rd day of camp.
(It was handwritten, so I will do my best to honor the format.)

To Free Activist Witchcamp

Three times I have come to you.
Three times I have asked:
“Is there no room for me at the table?”
Three times I have been denied.

So be it!

I cut you from the web
of the magic I have woven.
I stand on the border,
for that is where the change happens,
And I sever my ties with you.

You no longer walk the Coyote Road!
The Wild is not your home!
Stay on your little farm, it suits you…
I wash my hands of you.

You should change the name,
Weave your own magic,
Lest you invoke me
Every time you utter the words:

Free Activist Witchcamp!

(signed) Andy Paik
7 / 13 / 10

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