2010 Camper Registration Letter

Camper Letter – FAWC 2010 – Midwifing the Mystery of Transformation
Dear Camper,
We have received your registration and are excited that we will soon join together Between the Worlds:
Midwifing the Mystery of Transformation. The following has information relevant to this year's
experience at Free Activist WitchCamp.
This year's FAWC will be at the Nomenus Wolf Creek Sanctuary, an 80-acre cultural and spiritual
sanctuary in the Siskiyou mountains of southern oregon. It is an adopted homeland of the Radical
Faerie tribe, and has been a ritual and gathering space for the last several decades, and is populated
with many sacred sites and altars. To read more about Nomenus and the Radical Faeries, check out
It is also the home of an queer intentional community, which is sharing their home for us to host our
gathering there. One of our agreements with the Community is that we will leave the land as well or
better than how we found it. Plan to pack out everything you pack in and leave no trace on the land -
anything brought in will need to be hauled back out.
The address and phone number for the Sanctuary are:. We will have limited access to the phone before
and after the gathering for transportation logistics, and for emergencies, and we've been asked to
minimize our use as much as possible because the phone is located in the community's space. There is
some cell service at various places on the land, depending on your provider.
You are welcome to arrive on the 10th. There will a Welcoming Crew in the Parking Lot to assist in
orienting you to FAWC and the Sanctuary. The first meal that our kitchen intends to provide is for the
evening of the 10th. We may be able to offer food before then depending on our Kitchen scene, but just
in case, be prepared to feed yourself until dinner that night.
We are a participatory camp, which means we are together responsible for everything needed to create
the camp ourself. This means that everyone will be expected to share in the physical work of camp:
from chopping vegetables, doing dishes, and keeping the shitters tidy, to the creation and dismantling
of the ritual space(s).
This Witchcamp draws experience from a variety of communities including the Reclaiming tradition.
(From the Principles of Unity - http://www.reclaiming.org) Reclaiming is a tradition founded on the
belief that the earth is alive and all of life is sacred and interconnected, and whose practice arises from
a deep, spiritual commitment to the earth, to healing, and to the linking of magic with political action.
Our tradition honors the wild, and calls for service to the earth and the community. We value peace and
practice non-violence. We welcome all genders, all races, all ages and sexual orientations and all those
differences of life situation, background, and bility that increase our diversity. We work for all forms of
justice: environmental, social, political, racial, gender and economic. We strive to create and sustain
communities and cultures that embody our values, that can help to heal the wounds of the earth and her
peoples, and that can sustain us and nurture future generations.
FAWC is an evolving container that inspires and creates culture centered around weaving collective
magic to aid and support each other and the earth. We are a consent and consensus-based camp, and
encourage and support alternative expressions of identity, including gender. At FAWC, witches, faeries,
activists, queers, and others join together to explore, create, and transform tradition, seeking to deepen
relationship with ourselves, each other, and the earth. Throughout the week we will enrich our magical
skills through daily paths, affinity groups, optional offerings, and community rituals.
There are presently three paths available, and we often have others that emerge at camp. The three
planned so far are Breath is Spirit in your body, by Peti Dannemann and Taica Patience, "Death is the
fertile soil from which all life is born," by Jude Elf and Dawn Marlowe, and Rites Of Passage —
Facilitated by Carissa and Riyana. See the website for descriptions.
http://www.freewitchcamp.org/paths.html Another path that may emerge is a Pixie Path, geared
towards the children at camp.
Once you are at camp, you'll become part of an affinity group, which provides a smaller container to
connect with and support others who share an affinity. Often you'll participate together in camp tasks
and other ways.
All camp wide rituals are open to everybody, although some rituals may not be appropriate for children.
Most rituals are geared for the whole of the community; we endeavor to honor the presence of children
in ritual and at camp in an inclusive and respectful manner. Please no photography during rituals, and
please check in with folks before taking their picture at other times.
FAWC is providing our own food and kitchen this year, and will need help from campers to make this
happen. The logistics will be clarified once we arrive at camp. We are also seeking campers who might
want to be more involved in the kitchen during camp. If you are interested, please arrive with that
intention. As per our commitment to the earth, we are doing the best we can to source local and organic
ingredients for our food.
In the past we've only offered two meals a day at camp, and this year are increasing it to three. We will
be having a vegan/vegetarian kitchen, and are open to donations of consciously sourced meat. The Wolf
Creek kitchen is our communal kitchen, and may not provide much space for individual meal
preparation. We will do our best to fulfill everyone's dietary requirements.
Coffee, Honey - please be aware that our budget may not include these items, and they are very
welcome if you want to bring them to share with community.
Please print out the Liability Waiver and bring it with you to camp. You will need to sign this to
particpate in 2010 FAWC. The Waiver can be downloaded at -
There are quite a few people looking for rides. Our rideshare forum has just come online, which you
can access by registering at http://freewitchcamp.org/share/. If you need a ride or can offer one, please
check it out!
It's fire season down on the land, which means fire restrictions are in place and may also restrict the use
of outdoor stoves and propane burners. There will be designated areas specifically for smoking - please
do not smoke, light
candles or incense at your campsite. The Fire Safety protocols will be shared after arrival.
Pets: Although FAWC is pet-friendly, the Wolf Creek Sanctuary is a wildlife Sanctuary, so we ask that
if at all possible please leave your pet at home. We understand that this may be difficult for some of our
campers, so there will be a designated dog/pet camp just across the bridge from the Sanctuary. Dogs
need to be leashed when on the Sanctuary land. If your dog or pet becomes a disruption, we may ask
you to remove it from the Sanctuary. If need be, there is a kennel outside of Merlin, OR (15 miles south
of the Sanctuary) where you can board your dog for $10/day. Creekside Boarding, (541) 471-7144, ask
for Donna.
One of the agreements we ask people to keep at this camp is to refrain from using External Intoxicating
Substances (EIS) in common spaces (including path, workshops, and ritual), and/or attend these spaces
under their influence.
This agreement works for us for a number of reasons: this camp is a program in teaching magic, "the
art of changing consciousness at will." From our perspective, learning to shift and change our state of
awareness at will takes focus and concentration, and requires a clear state of consciousness as a starting
point. Blending our awareness and raising energy together in ritual flows easier when consciousness
isn't pre-altered by chemicals or alcohol. Out of respect for the intensity of the spiritual and healing
work we do here, we encourage participants within the circle of camp to engage in the transformational
work of changing consciousness at will without the use of EIS.
The Wellness and Culture Working Group invites your connection to and support of the Well – a
space for healing, rest, and rejuvenation. The Well is both a magical and physical place for individuals
and groups to activate healing and wellness in a variety of modalities.
We seek individuals that can offer support or expertise in the following arenas:
Medical / First Aid / Emergency Response
Conflict Exploring / Mediating
Counseling / Co-Counseling / Advocacy
Massage / Body Work
Reiki / Energetic healing
Sacred Sexuality
And More…
We also seek any of the following items to enhance our Well:
4-6 Medium to Large Empty Spray Bottles
Extra tents (bigger in size for offering privacy for first aid
and different healing modalities)
Tarps to string for open-air shelter, rope/cord for stringing
Other aesthetic/decorative items: chimes, etc…
First aid supplies:
Latex and non-latex gloves
Aspirin, Ibuprofin
Bandaids, 4x4s, roller guaze, Ace Bandage
Alcohol wipes
Emergency Drink packets
Herbal Medicines and Teas
Dr. Bronner's Soap and Basin for Handwash
Tea kettle and cups
Drinking water container for onsite
Sunscreen (non toxic if possible)
Hand sanitizer
Massage table or chair
Condoms and dental dams
Two way radios for communication, rechargable batteries and
battery charger
(These are suggestions)

  • Water bottle - The Sanctuary's water comes from a well that is potable.
  • Tent (something water and bug proof)
  • Warm sleeping bag, pillow and ground pad / air mattress
  • Multiple layers of clothing - weather can range from hot to freezing — cold rain is possible
  • Practical hiking footwear
  • Personal biodegradable toiletries - all water drains into the creek
  • Towel - there is a solar shower
  • Tarps, umbrella, and other shade/rain device.
  • Flashlight and extra batteries
  • Bag to carry stuff with you all day
  • Insect repellent and herbal remedies
  • Chair or camp stool for back support (The ground will be available)
  • Foods-for your snacking and special needs
  • Basic first aid kit
  • Journal and pens / pencils
  • Musical instruments and songs to share
  • Ritual attire, magical tools and altar items
  • Self-expression and a sense of humor
  • Sunscreen for clothing optional times if you need it
  • Respectful attitude and open heart
  • Food: bulk Coffee, Honey, Jellies (consciously sourced)
  • Ritual-space-making materials: fabrics, chimes, etc.
  • Whatever you want to share

The Sanctuary has a large barn kitchen, complete with it's own dishes. There will be carts available to
schlep your stuff.

  • There is a need for extra camping supplies. If anyone can provide extra equipment to Dawn, who is

one of our facilitators, please contact her directly

  • Alcohol and non-prescription drugs
  • Firearms and other weapons
  • Stiff upper lips
  • Knotted undies

NOTAFLOF (pronounced 'Not-a-Fluff') No One Turned Away For Lack Of Funds
Sure, we call it FREE Activist Witchcamp, but this gathering does cost money. Food, site, travel
expenses, and if we have enough, honoraria to our facilitators and kitchen anchors for their service, as
well as seed money for next year's camp. Experienced organizers, facilitators, and allies have put a
great deal of time and energy into creating this Witchcamp, partly because many activists in our
movements have expressed the need that these resources be made more available and affordable. We
are open to those without money to contribute, but we do ask that you contribute what you're able. We
suggest a sliding scale donation of $50 up to the $500 per person that is standard for a Witchcamp, no
one turned away for lack of funds. <3
Let us midwife the transformation of our world together,
FAWC 2010 Registration WG

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