2009 Registration Form

To register, print out this form and mail to: FAWC, 613 6th Av. South,
Hopkins, MN 55343 or email form to moc.liamg|pmaChctiWtsivitcAeerF#moc.liamg|pmaChctiWtsivitcAeerF.
Registration for Free Activist Witch Camp, August 1 ??? 7, 2009
Participant Information:
Magical Name
This year, to strengthen the integrity of our container, we are
experimenting with a new gatekeeping process— The specific location
of camp, a beautiful wilderness area in the central Cascades of Oregon, will
be shared upon registration.

Seeds of Peace are returning, providing two hearty meals a day, breakfast
and supper.
Donations of food are greatly appreciated, and make our meals much
merrier and more abundant!
Please let us know if you can bring food and what type of food you can

Camp fee, i.e. what money & energy is needed to make FAWC happen???
We are the Free Activist WitchCamp; open to everyone, no matter what
their economic status.
Many people have no money, and so they donate no money. Others have more
and donate amounts between 0 and $500 (consider how much it costs to provide
food and everything needed to make Free Activist Witch Camp happen). The
average cost of a week long witch camp is $500. What can you contribute? We
all contribute something: it takes energy to create camp. FAWC is very much
a participatory community; we grow together as we work together, sharing
skills and resources.

Amount that I can pay right now for Free Activist Witch Camp (enclosed or
sent thru PayPal) ___
Amount I plan to send in or bring with me later ___

The opportunity to share our abundance is a gift. I can't come to camp but I can donate ____

I can come a day or two early to help set up camp _ yes _ no
I can stay a day or two late to help take down camp _ yes _ no
Sweatshirt/T-shirt: Yes, I want to order 2009 Free Activist Witch Camp
Shirt as follows:
Sweatshirt ($20) size
Long-sleeved T-shirt ($15) size
Short-sleeved T-shirt ($15) size


I can offer a ride from

I need a ride from
Agreement of Conduct:
* I agree to respect diversity.

  • I agree to respect sacred space, privacy, and the environment of the

camp and fellow campers.
* I do understand that the Free Activist Witch Camp is drug, alcohol, and firearm-free.
Signature and date:

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