August 25th 2009

Facilitator: Glimmer, Scribe: Song

On the 2009 call first half hour

(sorry for spelling mistakes) rain, glimmer, song, chuck, rebecca, riyana, scarecrow, ross, pavani, brush, barbara, jp heartsong, amara, seneca, gabriel.

Agenda – as it worked out with notes mixed in.

  • grounding and circle with each person speaking name, location and brief check-in around the continent starting in the east
  • preliminary budget report back

Brush sent out a spreadsheet with the info. At that time 2009 camp - $21. Unfortunately, he had not received Rain and Robin Hood’s travel expenses. This adds an additional
-$600. Also, FAWC traditionally donates extra $ to Seeds of Peace and honorariums to the facilitators too. There is seed money for next year of $1500.

There was a bit of discussion on how to handle the shortfall.

-$620 if we pay out all travel and don’t get anymore after camp.

Proposal: take $ that was honoraria for last year and use it to pay the debt of this year. That leaves $1500 in seed money for next year.

Other option would be to prorate the total travel

If we don’t make a decision on this call, we need to make the decision on the next call. This will delay the checks.

Pavini: Was honoraria promised to people? NO

Amara: In email, you mentioned paying seeds of peace? That would be figured out. Either to dip into seed money further or figure out some other way.

Riyana: Honoraria not promised to people. I don’t get why we would not pay folks.

Brush: not involved in process for paying honoraria for facilitation selection. We never promised honoraria, ever, to anyone. The money was set aside, in a way.

Riyana: Jude did mention to me that there would be honoraria. We (Jason) are prepared to let it pass. I’m concerned about teachers who may be expecting that money. And the integrity that surrounds that. Most of us would be fine saying that we don’t need it.

Rain: Can we just ask the teachers?

Glimmer: What is the protocol for a small group of people to follow up on this and contacting the teachers.

Riyana: she can help contacting folk.

Brush: I will partner with you and we can figure it out and follow up with ACT with another proposal for the next call. We won’t be paying reimbursement until we get through the proposal.

Song: wants to support this process.

It was decided that this would be worked out in a small finance work group and a proposal will be forth coming. Brush will contact the group. If I heard correctly this will include (Riyana, Song, Steph and Brush). This small working group will report back in time for the next call. If you want to participate, contact brush)

On the 2010 call (again, sorry for spelling mistakes)- Welcome new folx!

rain, glimmer, song, bird, rebecca, chuck, riyana, scarecrow, pavani, kirsten, brush, suz, tumbell, alice, ada, amara, jp heartsong, captain, seneca, Gabriel, ross, barbara
(song says "so loverly to hear all your sweet, sweet voices!")

  • setting a date and place for f2f, and setting date for next camp.

Chuck will bottom line getting the discussion started online. (song says "I saw that the poles are up so get crackin’").

  • site selection & barbara's feedback this year

Working group folx on the call - barbara, alice, jp heartsong, bird & kirsten

Barbara’s feedback was primarily regarding accessibility. (not as far a walk, mobility into site, etc.)

Rain: while new site could be closer to parking etc, prefer not visible from the lot or road.

Gabriel: important that it has a sense of wilderness - accessibility, but still feeling remote

Tumbell: More planning and arranging for accessibility would make a lack of access easier to handle for folx who need it.

Song: As a person who needed help, felt like it strained resources to use that help. Gentle reminder that we need to be mindful of what we can actually do when we need to
figure hauling in and out the kitchen and tools, etc.

Gabriel asked what the working group needed to move forward.

Barbara has a plan. Needs help from working group to make calls and contacts on sites she’s located. Need to get the actual person who would be responsible for the permit. Then the group will set up physical visiting time in about 3 weeks. Bird and Alice will do phone/cyber work (YEAH). Barbara will contact everyone signed up for the working group (thanks!). According to the notes from rain - Site Selection includes, (mentor-barbara) , jp, alice, glimmer, bird, emmalyn, ross

A sub group of interested folx will work on accessibility (from well cell or logistics – not sure). Captain, Tumble, Song expressed interest in this aspect of planning.

  • clarification about being in, bottom lining, helping, participating in 2 or more working groups

Why the limitation. Helps with burnout issues, balance of power/knowledge and responsibilities.

Ross: work in groups, actively participating in that. When work was done on one group, then one could move to another group. One can be a resource for a number of groups.

One can only bottom-line 2 concurrently active working groups.

Song: Concern—Web Witch requires me to be part of Registration and Communications. I want to be part of Theme and Story. How can that work in the context of this arrangement?

Glimmer: Communications and Registration. You don’t have to be on Registration.

Ross: you could be a resource for communication and registration and not be a consenting member.

Glimmer: Communications works all year long and networks with all the other groups!

Rain: you can be in two working groups as someone who will do action items as part of your work. Resource – participating in conversation but not take on action items. Cross-pollination.

Amara: doesn’t make sense as part of resource. Postering is a delegated task.

Riyana: what I remember about original proposal. If I’m in Theme and Story, I have to make sure that works. I can delegate tasks for whoever wants to take them on.

To manage your involvement in working groups, you can be a resource or a consenting member. Also remember that the busy times for work groups flow with their tasks. For example, site selection is really busy now, but will be finished before Welcoming and Registration really gets started (which is busy in the spring). But communications is fairly busy for the whole year balancing communication among work groups and the rest of the world.

Riyana: The work group is responsible for something happening, but can delegate tasks outside of the group.

Mentor vs. bottom line – Bottom line maintains involvement. - Mentor brings folx together then steps back

  • who’s in what work groups. I’m pasting in here the e-mail from Rain based on our preliminary meeting at witchcamp along with edits I received on the call.

Communication: (mentor-glimmer moving to resource), amara (mentor for a couple months then resource), song (resource (web witch)), bird (resource), pavani, gabriel, larkin, tumbell.

Welcoming & Registration: (mentor-glimmer) , kirsten, bird, tumbell, chuck, song (resource (web witch))

Logistics: (mentor-joel), barbara, emmalyn, gabriel, steph, sid, ada (or is it atta?), scarecrow, rain (resource), ross (resource), suz (resource), pavani (resource), Seneca (resource), (captain, tumbell and song resources on accessibility))

Site Selection: (detailed above)

Co-ordination: (strict rules for membership – see wiki) (mentor-amara) , glimmer, ross, rain

Finance:(mentor-brush), sid, song, summer, maralena, emmalyn, steph (Brush is really ready to step back from this)

At this point we moved on since this information was in an e-mail from rain. Please let the mentors know if you have changed your mind or level of commitment in any of the workgroups.

Theme & Story: (mentor-seneca) , chuck, song, ada, summer, gabriel, maralena,
nora b., bird, brenna, rain

Wellness & Culture: (mentors-rebecca, rain), amara, seneca, ross, ada, maralena, larkin,
captain, summer, bird, kasha, nora b., steph

Path Facilitation Selection: (mentor-scarecrow) , ross, nora b., chuck, glimmer, seneca, captain (jude
has excused herself from organizing this year)

  • facilitator selection work group-is it a conflict of interest to be in the group while having intent to also be a facilitator?

Jason: I brought it up at camp and never intended that only people not facilitating would be in the group. My point: if it’s in question, then it is a structural conflict of interest and creates some nuances for the proposal for path facilitators, which have so far been the core reclaiming classes. Good to get clear when consenting to that group, we should get clear about who wants to teach?

Riyana: I was on facilitation selection last year. Some people who have applied to teach are also the people who have a lot of connections in the broader Reclaiming community being connected with the larger reclaiming witchcamp community made it easier to make connections for facilitators.

Glimmer: Winter Witch Camp has 6 people on committee, 2 people will be teachers at camp because the teaching team needs to be cohesive.

Ross will begin a brainstorming online and will try to have a proposal by the next conference call.

  • setting date and time for next call - Sept. 29, 5:30 PST (fyi, we usually select the tuesday closest to the first waxing quarter moon). Amara will set up the fancy conference call and train in Ross.

Remaining Agenda Items for next time!

  • some time for any other feedback, processing, reflecting or celebration of fawc 09 – this scribe recommends making use of fancy e-mail list for this item.
  • witch camp council…who is representing, what if anything would we like to send with them…info., inquiries, etc…? (tabled for next call)
  • basking in our love for each other, ourselves, our works and our jewel of a home… (we did a bit of this as we unwound our call).


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